If you need to efficiently deploy your corporate spatial data to the general public then IntraMaps Public is the solution for you.

IntraMaps Public is based on the same leading edge architecture as IntraMaps Enterprise and has been designed to allow novice GIS users to easily access enterprise GIS data directly from a public facing website. GIS Administrators have full control over the information that Public users have access allowing them to quickly and easily publish selected data to the internet.

IntraMaps Public supports all common web browsers and requires no additional plug-ins, ensuring access by the widest possible user community.

By leveraging the latest web based technology based on HTML5, IntraMaps Public offers end users a rich and intuitive means of accessing corporate data from their web browser, while providing GIS Administrators with a comprehensive set of tools to easily manage and publish their public facing data.



  • Rich functionality based on IntraMaps Enterprise
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Cross Browser compatible
  • Web Map Server integration capabilities
  • Hosted options available
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