Quantum GIS - New Version & MSSQL2008 Support

Quantum GIS v1.8 'Lisboa'

Last week marked the official release of Quantum GIS version 1.8 aka ‘Lisboa’.  Quantum GIS is a full featured easy to use desktop GIS application that is now widely regarded as the best free OpenSource desktop GIS. This latest version has been in development for almost a year and has many new features and improvements.  The new release builds on the foundation of QGIS v1.7.x and includes the new QGIS Browser, which is a stand-alone application and a new panel in the desktop version.  In the desktop version, the Browser panel allows users to have easy navigation to their files and connections, to preview the data, then drag and drop datasets onto the map canvas. 

This release includes integrated native support for MS SQL 2008 Server databases has also been added.  This further enables users to leverage the power of Microsoft’s SQL server and manage a centralised data store from which a range of desktop solutions can access the data.   Additionally, using the DB Manager, users can execute SQL queries against the database and view the spatial output by adding the results to QGIS as a query layer. 
Other new and improved features include new symbol layer types, GPS tracking, new vector tools and a reorganisation of the menu, plus many more.
The latest version is available for download at http://hub.qgis.org/projects/quantum-gis/wiki/Download.

Training Courses Announced

Digital Mapping Solutions is now running regular QGIS training courses for organisations looking to add the QGIS technology into their production environment. For any further information about the “Introduction to Quantum GIS” course running in Melbourne in July and in Perth in August 2012, please contact DMS by email at info@mapsolutions.com.au or by phone on 08 6436 2400.
More information about QGIS can be found at the QGIS website www.qgis.org.

MSSQL Server 2008 OGR Driver

DMS is pleased to advise that the OSGEO OGR Project includes support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, allowing full read/write access to a MSSQL Server database.  The OGR project provides the primary data access engine for many of the OSGEO projects, including MapServer and QGIS. Sponsored by Digital Mapping Solutions, this work was recently completed by the GDAL/OGR project steering committee. Users are now able to upload data into SQL 2008 from any of the formats supported by OGR, perform coordinate transformations and download data into TAB files, Shape files and many other commonly used spatial formats.
DMS is pleased to support the development community of open source spatial software.  If you’d like further information on the OGR/GDAL drivers and the supported formats please refer to the website http://www.gdal.org/.
Please contact DMS for any further information about the Quantum GIS software or training course.