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IntraMaps is an easy to use spatial data portal that allows users to access enterprise spatial data through a simple and intuitive user interface via a standard web browser.
IntraMaps provides decision makers with a central location to access integrated spatial data to enable them to make the most informed decision with the latest corporate information.
By making your data easily accessible from a central location you can significantly reduce the time required by staff to collate information for day to day business processes. 

IntraMaps 8

IntraMaps 8 is the latest release of our flagship application and includes a range of new features and enhancements to assist you to better leverage your enterprise spatial data. The version 8 release builds on our proven enterprise solution and delivers:

  • New user interface design incorporating a ribbon toolbar,  flat UI concept inspired by the latest web design trends and providing vector like display at all screen resolutions.
  • Full support for tile mapping service formats (TMS, WMTS) as pre-configured basemaps.
  • All annotations can now be saved and recalled in another session.
  • Vector printing is now supported to PDF templates providing high quality print output.
  • Mailmerge now supports the ability to export the entire selection set directly to a configurable MS Word template.
  • Global views can now be defined by the GIS administrator.
  • Users now have the ability to override the display projection by selecting from a list of projections defined by the administrator.
  • IntraMaps now supports powerful new search types including multi-layer searches and fulltext search with predictive text capability similar to the Google search box.
  • Enhanced Active Directory Integration
  • Improved Metadata management
  • Significant performance improvements over SQL Server live layers.
  • Layer links to URL's are now supported in the layer control.
  • IntraMaps now supports the geolocation API directly in the browser providing full GPS support.
  • Support for PostGIS RDBMS and ESRI File Geodatabase.
  • Improved support for mobile devices including responsive design, touch gesture support and GPS tracking.
  • Vector export for print templates
  • Ability to export a map link (bookmark). This feature also supports selections.
How it Works
IntraMaps is a web based solution built on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It incorporates a client server architecture with all application software running on the server. The client component runs on a standard web browser using HTML5 and JavaScript and requires no additional plug-ins.
IntraMaps incorporates a flexible data model that supports the integration of multiple corporate data sources using standard SQL queries. IntraMaps also supports a rich API allowing two way integration with other corporate applications.
IntraMaps and Local Government

IntraMaps is used extensively by Local Government organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The IntraMaps User Interface, configuration tools and data model are ideally suited to the spatial data management needs of Local Government, with many aspects if the IntraMaps solution designed specifically to meet the needs of our Local Government users. This includes full application level integration with a wide variety of commonly used Local Government Enterprise application software such as property and rating systems, document management systems and asset management applications.  


  • Easy to use, intuitive User interface
  • Web based application
  • Proven robust solution
  • Comprehensive administration tools
  • Easy to install and configure
  • API's for 3rd party integration
  • 3D Integration
  • Full integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Data Entry capabilities
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