IntraMaps MapControl

For many organisations, a full featured web mapping application may be too complex for the general public or casual users. Often, all these users may require is a specific subset of information related to a particular enquiry.

The MapControl allows spatial data that is managed and maintained in IntraMaps to be incorporated into an existing web page or application, customising the 'look and feel' so that  users do not need to understand the complexities of a comprehensive mapping application.

With the release of IntraMaps 8, the IntraMaps MapControl has been significantly enhanced, allowing our development team to access the full set of IntraMaps functionality via the MapControl allowing customised mapping to be easily incorporated into your existing business process.

The MapControl retains the same content management capabilities as IntraMaps Enterprise via the ConfigManager, allowing administrators to efficiently manage all data associated with the custom application.

DMS has the expertise help build your custom application with the IntraMaps MapControl, so talk to us about your requirements today.


  • API for 3rd party integration
  • Embed map images via URL
  • Fully configurable
  • Access to all IntraMaps functionality
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